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Air Powered Electronic Dragster Launcher

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Powered By AirTM, Air Powered Electronic Dragster Launcher:  has a built-in electronic launch controller and selector switch for independent or dual mode release. Eliminates the need for a CO2 cartridge. Its Economical, Safe and Easy to operate. Use it as a 1 or 2 lane system. Compressed air is delivered through a custom pneumatic system that propels the cars down the track. Ideal for multiple launches to test for vehicle aerodynamics to alter and fine tune the design to achieve maximum performance. With its built-in Air Pressure Gauge, monitor and adjust the delivered air pressure.

Package includes: Air Launcher with built-in Controller, Power Supply, (2) Handheld Push Buttons, Vehicle start gate Safety shield, Finishing gate Bumper system, 20lb Monofilament line. 260 Yard and High Volume Air Hose.  * Requires an air Compressor*